Solutions and Services

Hydrocarbon Management

CubixSoft™ possesses specialized expertise in implementing FDC software solutions such as Energy Components, HCA, and PVR etc. for clients in Oil & Gas industry. CubixSoft™ can help with variety of related data integration with varieties of Historian systems such as PHD Uniformance (Honeywell), PI Server (OSISoft).

Whether it is land and contract administration, monthly production and revenue accounting, or royalty accounting, our team has years of experience in developing and supporting industry leading software solutions in Canada and the USA. Since upstream hydro carbon accounting is a piece in the complex domain of oil and gas value chain, our team of consultants are aware of systems that feed in to the upstream systems (such as Landman) and systems that are dependent on the data produced by the upstream accounting systems such as JDE, SAP, QByte FM

Energy Components

Tieto’s world leading software for Hydrocarbon management that provides integrated solution for field data capture and monthly accounting (EC Production), revenue and royalty accounting (EC Revenue), pipeline transportation (EC Transport), and sales of hydrocarbons (EC Sales). These sub-systems can be purchased and used individually or can be used together to get an integrated solutions depending on the clients needs. For instance company that is in the business of producing only may want to use just EC Production, whereas as larger company that operates its own facilities and has it distribution network may want to use Production, Revenue and Sales modules togethe

Production Accounting Solution (PAS)

Developed for the Canadian conventional Oil & Gas industry CGI’s PAS is the most popular upstream solution deployed currently in Canadian marketplace. PAS handles monthly production and revenue/royalty accounting for both conventional oil and as well as gas properties.

Production Volume Reporting (PVR)

Catered to the Canadian Oil & Gas Industry, CGI’s PVR has been the system of choice for majority of the producers in Canada and continues to run the daily operations for these producers. CubixSoft consultants carry experience of supporting your PVR installations and provide any custom enhancements that tailors to the needs of your operations.  

IT Resourcing & Staffing

CubixSoft also provides recruiting and contract consulting services to experienced Information Technology professionals across the country.