Our Expertise

Our consultants have worked in variety of business solutions development/implementation projects and have gained expertise and extensive experience in various domains such as:

Oil & Gas

Hydrocarbon management is a vast and complex domain. In this low oil prices environment, energy companies are striving to lower their is exploration and operational costs. CubixSoft™’s consultants’ experience in Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream can play a crucial role in helping customer’s achieve this goal by applying best practices whether it is in software development, implementation or support.


Government organization faces many of the challenges same as today’s business world. We at CubixSoft™ understand the needs and value of our government clients, and serve them by integrating years of commercial experience into the government market. We are committed to deliver IT application solutions using the best resources and tools available in industry. From strategic professional IT services and consulting to deployment, supports and training, CubixSoft™ services scale to meet our government client’s precise needs. We provide stability through our comprehensive services, which allows clients the time necessary to focus on their core mission.


CubixSoft™ is a pioneer in healthcare IT services, providing solutions how to improve health care needs, high quality heath care, delivers e-Business services that helps to improves health care needs in timely and effectively manner. Our team of experts carries extensive knowledge and experience in health care industry in order to meet the requirements.